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John Lasala

Professional Overview

With a strong and demonstrated background in Urban Investment Management and Structured Finance, John Lasala is dedicated to constant improvement and creative solutions on behalf of his organization and community

Based in New York City, John Lasala is a U.S. and U.K. dually licensed attorney and business development manager. Over the years, John has delved into many aspects of his passion for law and finance, proving a versatile skill set in asset management and investment, marketing, leading teams, securitization, and general fund counseling. He currently serves as Business Development Manager for the Client Marketing and Business Development department at Citi Alternative Investments.  


Having attained his Juris Doctor (JD) degree from New York Law School and a Master of Business Administration degree from the London Business School, John Lasala set out to meld his two areas of interest, working with organizations such as Greenberg Traurig and Goldman, Sachs & Co. His work as a structured finance attorney provided him with experience developing transactional structures and consolidations of public and private companies. Years into his career as a structured finance attorney, John began drafting real estate transaction and loan documentation. He balanced these ventures with his managerial experience, overseeing both institutional real estate closing transactional teams and third parties, which often included issuers, sellers, and custodians.


Throughout his experience in law, John Lasala was drawn to unproductive or overly-complicated processes. Taking note of holes in already existing procedures, John followed an entrepreneurial approach that he had cultivated during his time in college: he sought to improve and perfect the processes around him. With his knowledge of real estate and legal expertise, John was able to not only execute but improve operations, including streamlining the zoning compliance process and communications between financers and zoning agencies. After he established an eminent alternative investment platform in 2004, Citi approached John to replicate his success by tailoring a platform to the bank’s existing client base.

Dually Licensed Attorney
Investment and Business Development
Real Estate Structured Finance

With over eighteen years of fund legal experience, John has displayed prowess in legal, managerial, and commercial oversight. During his time at Citi Alternative Investments, he has exercised and overseen investment due diligence and transaction management in title, zoning, deal management, and post-closing items. In addition to this, John has also managed, monitored, and communicated investment strategies. Over the years, he has begun taking on the responsibility of supervising business development, marketing, management, and communications for investor bases, demonstrating success in achieving growth objectives and proper balance of investment strategies, capital deployment, and product formulation.


John Lasala’s experience in all sectors of the legal and financial sphere have granted him multiple titles over his career at Citi. He has settled into positions such as the general counsel for funds, asset manager, and has begun assisting with securitization. Motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit, he seeks to remain relevant and useful wherever he can, regularly adopting various projects to further his organization.


Despite his legal and financial accomplishments, John remains an advocate of professional connectivity. As a result of this, John stresses that his allegiance is to the people, his investors, above any single company. With the close relationships he cultivates, he is able to better research and analyze industry and client trends in firm practice and anticipate upcoming trends.


Alongside his work in law and finance, John Lasala also creates value and connection for his local New York City communities through real estate. Putting his expertise in structured finance to use in his immediate surroundings, John revitalizes buildings in New York City community, creating functional and accessible spaces for all.

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